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Many of the party's we provide mobile discos for are family parties. These party's includes Wedding discos, Birthday celebrations, Anniversary party's, and mobile discos for Engagements. Many DJs make a mistake of thinking a family party is the the same as other party's and simply play their regular set. In fact a family party is one of the hardest types of party to get right and the DJ requires a great deal of experience. Each party will have a different range of ages and expectations as to what makes good party music and so your family party DJ will need to know all the popular party music from all decades. Your DJ will also need to know how to read a crowed and work out when the best time is to play each piece of music. It may be a top party tune but if played too early it will have the same effect as if it was too late, after everyone has gone home. For a party DJ timing is everything. If the DJ gets it right then you may see your dad moon walking across the dance floor to Michael Jackson and your grandad standing on a table doing his Elvis impression. At a family party the DJ should not focus on the seamless mixing of dance tunes but choose the music that will get everyone of all ages involved.

Its worth remembering at family parties not everyone will be wearing their dancing shoes, it maybe that your 95 year old Gran will not be doing much disco dancing so you may want to think about where she will sit. You will want her to enjoy herself and get a good view of the dance floor action but its amazing how often Gran gets plonked right near the sound system and complains all night about how loud the music is. During your party expect the dance floor to be empty early on but as your guests arrive and fill the room, often the kids will be first to use the dance floor. A few balloons to bounce around and some disco lights aimed at the floor will get the kids interest and your Gran will love seeing them enjoy themselves. At many family parties while most people are still at the bar its Gran and the kids who get the party started.

At a family party there will be the widest range of ages and tastes in music, so it can be a bit tricky for the DJ to find the right balance. For this reason a Family party DJ needs experience and knowledge of music from all styles, past and present.

At a family celebration like an anniversary party everyone will know each other well and this will make everyone more relaxed. After a bit of a chat to catch up on family gossip, something to eat and a drink or three, the dance floor will normally fill up nicely.

Pro Mobile Disco is the reliable DJ hire service in London and the surrounding areas that has huge experience at performing at all kinds of family functions including ........


If you are planning a special celebration and want to hire a reliable family party Mobile disco with a party DJ that can find the right blend of music to suite the whole family, you have come to the right web page. We have more than twenty five years experience in all sorts of family functions and special celebrations. A family party will almost certainly have the widest age range possible and so the DJ needs to be skilled in finding a balance to keep gran on the dance floor with the teenage grand kids. We will play all your favourite music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s as well as all the more recent and current chart hits. We have a comprehensive selection of music from the classic performers of the past including the 1950’s and before.

Although we have performed at many hundreds of similar parties each party is a unique event. We have the party experience that can help make your occasion into a very special family celebration. We use top of the range mobile disco equipment and not cheap bedroom standard DJ equipment. We also carry with us the widest selection of music to ensure everyone is happy. If you would like more information on pro mobile disco visit our homepage or contact us direct for a great disco deal.

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Pro Mobile Discos operates in London and the surrounding counties and can provide a Birthday Party DJ and Mobile Disco hire for Family parties in Essex, Middlesex, London, Herts, Berkshire and Bucks. Mobile discos with an experienced all round family Party DJ.